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Shortly after his first audition, Devan landed the hero role of the L'il Chef on a "Dan-o-nino Yogurt" commercial. His engaging personality and natural ability won over the producers of the feature film "Jesus Henry Christ" shortly thereafter, and he was cast as the younger version of the lead character Henry James Herman. It was a natural transition for Devan to book the series regular role of Adam in the HBO Canada series "The Yard". The character Adam is a precocious and communicative kid, not unlike Devan himself. Devan has subsequently appeared in episodes of "The Next Star", "Really Me", "Flashpoint", "Odd Squad" and "Hannibal" and has recently worked on the feature "Group Home" in the principal role of Jason. When an opportunity to audition for voice work arose, Devan dove right in and booked the voice of Rubble on "Paw Patrol", and Frankie on "Ella the Elephant". He has gone on to voice Sammy in "Playdate", Tommy Tibble in "Arthur", Jackson in "Creative Galaxy", Daniel in "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood", Night Ninja in "PJ Masks", Ranger Roger in "Space Ranger Roger", and of course Charlie in Wishenpoof! Devan is a multi-nominated actor in animation and on-camera work, and has taken home winning trophies in both 2015 and 2016. He was most recently nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in the voice category. As a well rounded and grounded kid, Devan has lots of interests, but his passion for acting trumps them all. Devan Cohen is repped by Vanderwerff Talent in Toronto.

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2019PAW Patrol: Super ChargedG
2013Ella the ElephantL
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  檜山修之——日本声优,代表作:《幽☆遊☆白書》——飛影、《B'T-X》——高宮鉄兵、《ONE PIECE》Mr.3,《BLEACH》——斑目一角。MD经典格斗游戏《幽☆遊☆白書 魔強統一戦》——飛影,黄晓明版《新上海滩》——丁力(日语版配音)。

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杨天翔,中国内地青年配音男演员。“729声工场”成员。 代表作有电视剧《古剑奇谭》方兰生、《老九门》二月红,动画《狐妖小红娘》白月初、《东郭小节》墨子轩、《魔道祖师》金光瑶,游戏《仙剑奇侠传六》居十方、《梦间集》君子剑,广播剧《杀破狼》长庚、《默读》费渡、《紫罗兰永恒花园》基尔伯特·不甘比利亚等。

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